Wednesday, May 15, 2013

week ten: living room art

 photo IMG_4067_zpsbda49d8f.jpg  photo IMG_4071_zps6fe7ac51.jpg
 photo IMG_4068_zpse2654640.jpg

I have been dying to get these pieces up on the wall for a few weeks now, but wanted to wait until we had been painted so that we could really enjoy them with that clean white background. I found both pieces at the same flea market in Irvine (months apart). 

I love a sort of gritty local color genre of American literature, and these paintings evoke that same sentiment in me. They tell stories and they make me want to know what the artist was feeling and thinking when they were working on these. Did/do they have a sentimental attachment to that place or those people? Did they imagine these things? Did they copy a photograph? I tried to search for information on both of the artists, but couldn't find anything. It makes me wonder whether they have any other works out there, and what path these pieces took to find themselves hanging on the wall in some little condo in Southern California next to each other...

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