Tuesday, May 21, 2013

week twelve: coffee table

 photo IMG_4090_zps9e22c511.jpg  photo IMG_4092_zpse2e3017e.jpg  photo IMG_4087_zps1eec7cd0.jpg

Last week my dad had a conference for work in San Diego, so I decided to take a couple of days off of work *gasp* and drive down south for some quality time with my parents. They then rode back up to Orange County with me to stay with us for a couple of days. 

While I was down in San Diego, my mom and I decided to do some thrift shopping with the goal of finding a coffee table for our little house. I had a very specific sort of coffee table in mind--a midcentury slat bench. Don't ask me how I got this idea into my head but it wouldn't leave and J had no problem with it, so I could settle for nothing else. We just happened to find two such benches on our excursion. The first one was the right price, but there was just something about it that was not quite right. Enter Vestige. We walked into the shop and we immediately knew that there was something special. I browsed casually, keeping my eyes peeled for anything slat bench-y. The owner asked me if I was looking for anything in particular to which I replied, "Why, actually, yes," and he led to me to the back room where the one sat in the middle of the room. 

The only problem was that I drove my little Honda Accord down to San Diego, and I had to fill it up with two more adults plus luggage for hour and a half drive home. So, we entered into a deal called If You Can Fit it in My Car, I Will Buy It. And would you believe it? He got my coffee table to fit into my car! And that is the story of your adoption, little coffee table.

This is such a cool piece because it expands to about twice it's size! And it still looks pretty while expanded. It is also a bench so you can sit on it. Talk about versatile. And in a small space, versatile furniture is a major plus. I just love this bench/coffee table. It just looks like it belongs in our living room. Now, I need to find some amazing coffee table books (I really want to find one on California!). I also feel like this table needs a small cactus garden. What do you think?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

week eleven: entry mirror

 photo IMG_4064_zps6a7974ad.jpg  photo IMG_4063_zps23f2922d.jpg  photo IMG_4066_zpsa4fa88d2.jpg

Remember this mirror? I don't blame you--I had kind of forgotten about it myself. I had planned to hang it above our bed after I found or made a headboard (which obviously has not happened yet). But, then I started reading some feng shui article and learned about how bad it is to have two mirrors facing each other (we have a very large mirror attached to our dresser which is directly across from the wall where I intended to hang this mirror). Also, we are kind of thinking about hanging the painting that used to be in our living room above the bed.

I had purchased this mirror to hang next to our front door, but when I got it home and started to hang it, I just hated it. This gold mirror has literally been sitting around my house for nearly 2 years (eek!), so I decided to just hang it up, and I love it here. It is perfect. Every front door should have a mirror next to it, right?

Looking at these photos, I am realizing how desperately our front door needs to be painted. We bought some glossy black paint for this door, so we'll see how that turns out--I'll try to get that done this weekend! I also need some new curtains for that slider door. Feel free to send me some fabric or curtain options! I am struggling with finding just the right thing (I kind of like this concept, but I'm not sure about the color ways available).

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

week ten: living room art

 photo IMG_4067_zpsbda49d8f.jpg  photo IMG_4071_zps6fe7ac51.jpg
 photo IMG_4068_zpse2654640.jpg

I have been dying to get these pieces up on the wall for a few weeks now, but wanted to wait until we had been painted so that we could really enjoy them with that clean white background. I found both pieces at the same flea market in Irvine (months apart). 

I love a sort of gritty local color genre of American literature, and these paintings evoke that same sentiment in me. They tell stories and they make me want to know what the artist was feeling and thinking when they were working on these. Did/do they have a sentimental attachment to that place or those people? Did they imagine these things? Did they copy a photograph? I tried to search for information on both of the artists, but couldn't find anything. It makes me wonder whether they have any other works out there, and what path these pieces took to find themselves hanging on the wall in some little condo in Southern California next to each other...

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

week nine: painting the living room

 photo IMG_4057_zps97c4a98f.jpg  photo IMG_4059_zpse40acf56.jpg  photo IMG_4054_zps7f72d06c.jpg

And just in case you're thinking that it doesn't look different to you, here is a before shot:  photo IMG_4046_zps39822a0c.jpg

On Sunday, the hubs and I woke up a bit late and decided to get straight to work painting the living area because the old wall color just was not working with the new sofa. We also have some new art (and a mirror!) to hang on the walls, and I couldn't bring myself to do that until we painted the walls. 

I decided to go with white (Behr Snowy Pine to be exact). I realize that can be construed as boring, but as you can see here the majority of the rooms that in "pin" as inspiration for our living area have white walls. So, I decided to just go with it--you can't fight city hall. So far, I am loving my boring white walls. They are so clean and fresh and it makes the space feel more modern. 

Since taking these photos, we have re-hung all of our window treatments and replaced all but one of the light switch/outlet covers. I might add that I was nearly moved to tears the other night while trying to re-install all of the hardware for the curtains that cover the sliding door. I do believe that I managed to buy a very temperamental drill. Sometimes it works perfectly for me, and other times...

So, hopefully my next updates will be in regards to hanging things on the walls! And maybe a coffee table. A coffee table would be nice.