Wednesday, April 24, 2013

week eight: new sofa!

 photo 0ae071f8-b852-411e-a1de-a91026eedbbe_zps67f225e7.jpg  photo IMG_4042_zpsb93e4402.jpg

Guess what, you guys! I haven't fallen off the edge of the earth or anything. The mister and I have just been quite busy lately with work, life, projects around the casa and another exciting thing which I will share sometime in the near future (don't get too excited--it's not a baby). 

Remember this post from ummmm...last JuneWell, we finally pulled the trigger and bought a new sofaI kept going back and forth between getting a grey sofa or a green velvet sofa. My decision was made for me when Macy's had a huge sale on sofas with no options for green velvet. This is such a game changer for our living room, and now I can finally move forward with this space. T is weekend we are planning to paint, hang some new art, and look at a coffee table that I've been eyeing on  craigslist (fingers crossed that this is the one).

I will work on catching up with all of my home projects on here over the next couple of weeks...