Thursday, February 21, 2013

week seven: umbrella stand

 photo IMG_3998_zps7031c4f1.jpg  photo IMG_4000_zps74e67d82.jpg

The patio is coming along nicely. Along with the kitchen, this is one of the most finished spaces in our home. I love our patio (I think it is technically a deck, but I've been calling it the patio since we moved in, and I think I'll just stick with it)--it is such a peaceful spot. And since we live in Southern California, it is a space that we can utilize pretty much year-round. 

So, this week's project/new addition is the umbrella base. Riveting, isn't it? We bought our patio furniture last year from Target, but we missed out on the umbrella base. I bought a base at a local hardware store, but it didn't fit with the table structure. After Target rolled out their Spring seasonal outdoor merchandise, you cannot understand how excited I was to see that they had brought back our patio furniture. This meant that they had also brought back the umbrella base! I obviously purchased it immediately (it was even on sale--clearly the stars had aligned), brought it home and set it up. Now I just need a gate, some twinkle lights and a bin for the hose, and I think that our patio will be "finished." For now, anyway.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

week six: cozy little reading corner

 photo IMG_4013_zps09a78322.jpg

This little reading corner is one of the things that I have most been looking forward to in pulling the office together. I bought this chair at a garage sale before I moved into my very first apartment. I know that this it's not the chicest chair out there, but it is so comfortable. I don't know whether La-Z Boy makes/made a smaller recliner for women, but this chair is the perfect size for me. This is going to be the perfect spot for lazy Saturday mornings and the occasional bout of insomnia. I'll add a throw pillow to the chair when "the  one" crosses my path...

Can we talk about that lamp for a minute? Forty dollars from Target. Yes. I have passionately hated floor lamps until I found this one, and now there are two of these lamps in our home (the other is in the living room).

I'll have another project update for you tomorrow, then I think I'll be all caught up! What projects have you been working on?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

week five: office book case

 photo IMG_3995_zpsb1d5c1a1.jpg
[ sorted according to genre ]
 photo IMG_4005_zpsfc4605de.jpg
[ progress ]
 photo IMG_4006_zpsb83b5467.jpg
[ i love this guy -- he's only slightly smaller than Chloe ]
 photo IMG_4009_zpsfc1ad322.jpg
[ obviously Nina claimed prime real estate on the shelf ]
The book case is up in the office! The book arrangement/shelf styling is not final--I definitely have some tweaking to do here and there. But, it is [finally] up! And all of our books are in the house (there were three big crates full of books down in the garage) and on proper shelves. Our books have a home. This also made me realize that I own quite a few books that I haven't read yet. Must get on that.

What is going on with those bottom shelves? My plan for the very bottom row is to get magazine storage for my problem collection of Vogue, Martha Stewart Living, Whole Living, Elle Decor, and yes, every single issue of Blueprint. Just the magazines that I like to look through every now and then for inspiration. There will also be at least one cube filled with binders for my filing system. And, of course, any remaining space will be filled with more books!

There is still so much to do in this room. But, we are getting there, one little (or rather large) piece at a time.

Monday, February 18, 2013

week four: office shoe molding

 photo IMG_3983_zpsee5fb544.jpg
See that little gap between the floor board and the floors?
 photo IMG_3985_zps71f02711.jpg
Gap be gone.

Well, hello there! I promise that I have been keeping up with my project per week, I just haven't been getting around to posting the projects...This is probably the most boring post I've ever done, but it is a mini-update on the office.

I finally finished installing the shoe molding! I thought that this was going to be such a cheap and easy project that would just take one little Saturday. I was so wrong. It was just one thing after another--I bought the wrong shoe molding, then went back to Home Depot to buy the right shoe molding, but the guy who could cut it for me was off in about 4 minutes. So, I went back to Home Depot the following weekend and found out that they didn't even carry the shoe molding that I needed. The guy referred me to a local lumber store that definitely carried what I needed. When I got to the lumber store, they had been closed for an hour and a half. So, I finally made it to the lumber store while they were opened, purchased and painted the correct shoe molding, then started to install it and realized that I wasn't going to be able to do it without a drill. So, J and I drove over to Home Depot on a Sunday night to purchase a drill. We bought a nice little cordless drill, got it home and found out that it had to charge for 12 hours before it could be used.

Now that I know exactly what I need and have all of the tools, installing the shoe molding in the rest of the house will be a very simple little project...Shoe molding is such a little thing (and so inexpensive--the molding for this room came to a grand total of $12.61!), but it has such a big impact. The room looks so much more finished. I can't wait to get this done throughout the house!