Tuesday, January 8, 2013


After Christmas I reached the bottom of my box of thank you cards which lead me to search for something new to replace them. 

Of course, the search for the perfect thank you cards rabbit holed into stationary options and even business cards. I love this trend of stamps for stationary and business cards-it adds a nice personal touch to these items. Stamps make having custom stationary very affordable. There is also a huge convenience factor in having a few stamps, some fun ink and pretty paper around the house in order to always have a perfect card on hand for any and every situation. It streamlines and simplifies which is one of the ultimate goals, right? I also found a printable option as well as some beautiful traditional cards.

Thank you cards:
Source: Wit & Whistle
Source: Besotted Brand
Monogrammed stationary:
Source: Besotted Brand

Source: Besotted Brand
I also love this for note cards:
Source: Orange & Park
And finally some great business card stamps:
Source: maemae paperie
Need some tips for writing charming thank you notes? Check out this article from Southern Living.

Of course, you will also need some pretty postage to go with your shiny new stationary. My favorites can be found here and here.

 What are your favorite sources for thank you cards and stationary?


Adiel Cloud said...

Love these picks! I've been in the market for Thank You Cards so I'm appreciative of these ideas!


Plastic Business cards said...

Simple and elegant, such design for business cards inspires me a lot as it not only saves money but leaves high image on clients mind....

A Ali said...

WOW Such a beautiful designs Thanks for Sharing...
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