Monday, August 13, 2012

laguna coast wilderness park

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Saturday morning, my friend Jessie and I woke up relatively early and did some hiking at the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. We knew that it was going to be a hot day, so we arrived at the park right at 8am when it was supposed to have opened. Even at the very beginning of our trek through the hills, we were wishing that we had started our hike at about 5am...

If you decide to go hiking at this beautiful park, you can download a map of the trails here. Being somewhat experienced hikers who are always up for a challenge, Jess and I decided to go for the moderately strenuous hike that was estimated to take 2.5 hours. We found the map to be quite useful, and although we referenced the it a few times we still ended up going the wrong direction on the wrong trail. But, that was more a misreading of a trail post than of the map...

Given the heat, we probably would have felt much better at the end of our hike if we had gone with one of the easy trail routes. But, even though we almost died of heatstroke we had a great time bonding in our misery. And we even talked about going back to try some of the other trails. In November. Or January. 

Does anyone know of any other good places to hike in Orange County? I would love to start getting out into nature more regularly!

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