Friday, July 13, 2012

recycle bins

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Here is another one of those projects that has been on my to do list for quite some time. I am big on recycling--my father taught us the importance of recycling at a young age (way before it was cool and it may surprise you to learn that my father is a staunch right-wing conservative). As a matter of fact, when we were just wee children, my sister and I started up R & J Enterprises which was our little business of collecting aluminum cans and taking them into a recycling center. We made little flyers on my dad's Tandy and printed them out on his dot matrix printer, carefully tearing off the dotted sides before handing them out to our neighborhood. Once a week we would take our little Red Flyer wagon around to all of our neighbors who had agreed to give us their aluminum cans. We used my dad's weights and/or our feet to crush the cans until we made enough money to upgrade our equipment to a wall-mounted can crusher. I wish I knew where that can crusher was today--it would be a fun little reminder of our early entrepreneurial efforts.

Now that I'm all grown up and R & J Enterprises has long been inactive, I still feel that recycling is very important. We have two bins in our kitchen--one for trash and one for recyclables. In the past, whenever the recyclable bin was full, we would take it down to the garage and drop the bag in a corner. Each week I would say, "I've got to take the recycles in this weekend." Each weekend I would not feel like sorting through all of the recyclables and then they would never get taken in. It took Justin helping me sort through all of the bags the other weekend for us to hop in the car and head down to Home Depot to find some bins to make this process much cleaner, easier, and more efficient.

The bins may not be beautiful, but they certainly are very useful. Now it is very easy to just sort each bag as it becomes full, and when a  bin gets full I can easily throw it in the back of my car and drive it down the street to the recycle center. The paper bag on the side is for non-CRV recyclables which I can take care of on my weekly trip to Target. Now I just need to make some cute labels for the bins...

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