Thursday, July 5, 2012

disneyland pt. 2

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My personal favorite at Disneyland was, once again, Tom Sawyer's Island. I know that it's lame, but I loved the books. And, the island with all of its little forts and tunnels reminds me of my childhood and the ways and places that Jackie and I used to play. We were always outside and everywhere we went we would build forts and dams (do all children build dams, or just the children of civil engineers?). As a part of our Tom Sawyer experience, we did the canoe "ride" around the island which gave us a nice little upper body workout in addition to the 8 hours of walking around for the day.

We wrapped up our day by taking a quick jaunt back to Tomorrowland for Star Tours and Buzz Lightyear before the Disney Parade. By the end of the parade, we were all feeling pretty old and ready to head home at 6:30pm...We kind of wanted to stay for the fireworks, but couldn't imagine hanging around for another 3 hours, so we decided that next time Jackie is in town we will head down to Downtown Disney for dinner and some walking around and watch the nightly fireworks show from there.

Overall, my mid-to-late 20's self enjoyed Disneyland far more than my teenage self did 8 years ago. I was  amazed with the attention to detail in everything from the plants in front of the Matterhorn to the mailboxes in the Mainstreet, U.S.A. area. I'm so glad that I finally got around to giving the park a second chance, and I'm even more glad that my sister finally had the opportunity to take her first trip to Disneyland! Next on the Disney agenda: California Adventure!


Aspen_Snow said...

Aww!! We just missed you! We were down June 19-21. We took my nephew (best friends son) for his 1st visit! Looks like you enjoyed yourself. I'm a fan of TS island also!! =)

Rachel Angevine said...

What a bummer that we missed you! I should have messaged you for some Disneyland tips since you and Nicole are such Disney pros! Hope you had fun on your last visit there.