Friday, July 6, 2012

balboa peninsula

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My sister and I have been trying to take the beach cruisers down to the Balboa Peninsula/Newport Beach for awhile, but it just never seemed to quite work out for us. On this visit, we made it happen. We found a parking spot in the little lot on Superior Ave just off of the PCH (you can see it marked on the map above--the metered rate is $1.50/hr). 

We then rode our little beach cruisers down to the Newport Balboa Bike Trail down to the Balboa Fun Zone where we stopped at the Balboa Candy store where we tried some amazing salt water taffy. Maple bacon, caramel corn, key lime, coconut, and frosted cupcake were a few of the flavors that tempted us. Then we crossed the street to the Balboa Fun Zone for classic Newport Treats: a Balboa Bar with rainbow sprinkles and a frozen banana. 

If you have more time than we did, you could ride all the way down to the little park at the tip of the peninsula and watch some body surfing, or you could take the Balboa Island Ferry over to Balboa Island and ride around, stop for some dinner and/or a drink, and stop into some of the cute little shops over on the island. Jackie and I decided that next time we're going to make it a day trip and spend some time lounging on the beach.

Have you ever been down to the Balboa Peninsula? What are your favorite spots and things to do?


Beach Cruiser Parts said...

Whoa, whenever I go down to SoCal I always go to the beach in San Clemente. But Newport beach looks really nice, according to your photos. Thanks for posting!

Rachel Angevine said...

My favorite beaches in Orange County are Newport and Laguna. I haven't really spent much time at the beaches in the San Clemente area, though. You can't really go wrong at any of the beaches down here!