Tuesday, June 19, 2012

the ocean institute

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Two weeks ago my family (minus Jackie) came down to visit, and we decided to check out the Ocean Institute in Dana Point. We happened to be there on World Oceans Day, so there were all sorts of fun little projects (like painting an ocean mural or dissecting a fish) scattered throughout the Institute. We learned some interesting shark facts--did you know that a shark's fin feels like sandpaper and was actually used for sandpaper until it began to be manufactured? Or that coconuts kill more humans than sharks annually? I'm still a little bit skeptical on that last item...

We were all looking forward to taking a tour of the Pilgrim (did anyone else watch/read Horatio Hornblower?) only to get there and find out that they only had tours of the ship on Sundays. So, if you decide to check out the Ocean Institute, you may want to go on a Sunday instead of a Saturday.

Overall we all enjoyed the museum, but agreed that it would have been a lot more fun if we'd had a small child or two with us. Or if we could have toured the Pilgrim...

On Sunday, my mom, Valerie and I joined my mother-in-law in heading up to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I carried my camera around all day and took no pictures--such a bummer. But, we found some little treasures, and when we could walk in the heat no more we headed over to Congregation Ale House for some lunch.

It was such a nice weekend with my family--looking at these pictures makes me miss them even more than I already did.

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