Monday, May 14, 2012

summer to-do list

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Do you remember the feeling of the last day of school before summer vacation? It seemed that the sun was always shining brightly on that last day of school, setting the tone for the coming months of freedom. 

Summer is a season filled with memories--family vacations, trips to visit family on the East Coast, camping, tootsie roll pops after swimming lessons, soccer camp, building forts at Davis Creek, summer camp at Hume Lake and Scholarship Camp near the Redwoods, Vacation Bible School...

I remember one summer that my mom put together a whole plan for our summer break. The first day of summer vacation she gave my sisters and I scrapbooks and little cameras to record all of our adventures for the summer. We each planted a flower box in the back yard, and I have a whole page full of photos charting the progress of my flower box throughout the summer. We spent a lot of time at Davis Creek, and I pressed some of the wild roses (I loved them because they were so fragrant) and put those into my book. Apparently my 10 year old self thought that pretty much everything that we did was "neat, and fun, too." 

I just looked through my book and realized that was the summer that my mom was pregnant with my brother--how smart of her to keep us so occupied with so many projects all summer. I'm sure that summer wasn't very much fun for my mom, but she made it one with some of my fondest memories (none of which include welcoming my brother into our home...).

Anyway, I intended this to be a short post with a list of things that I would like to do over the course of this summer, and it turned into a nice little stroll down memory lane. So, here are some of the things we're going to do this summer:

  1. Go to a horse race at Del Mar
  2. Take Chloe to the beach
  3. Hiking in Laguna Canyon
  4. Make homemade marshmallows (and graham crackers) for s'mores
  5. Take a ballet class
  6. Take some golf lessons
  7. Venice Beach
  8. Weekend in Palm Springs
  9. Go to a few baseball games (1)(2)
  10. Go to at least one concert in the park
  11. Check out a new museum
  12. Take the train down to San Diego for a baseball game
  13. Picnic in the park
  14. Go to the OC Fair
What are you going to be up to this summer?

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