Thursday, April 12, 2012

spring flower baskets


When my parents were here the other weekend, my mom and I had planned to make this headboard for our bed, but after reading the directions way too late in the day we realized that we needed a staple gun. So, we headed to my favorite department in Home Depot--the garden section! We replanted my dead hanging flower baskets with pretty spring flowers. This time I just need to remember to water them!


Jenn said...

Those petunias will be the picture of perfection in no time. Very sweet baskets. Hope you're able to keep them well-watered!

Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead said...

Very cute! Maybe putting a bottle in them with water will help them from getting too dried out? Those types of flowers really thrive with watering!

I have a couple of old wine bottles that I fill with water. I did a little hole and turn the bottle over quickly in there, then close up the dirt around it. Colored plastic bottles would work too since I don't know if I'd want a heavy bottle falling out of a hanging basket. :)

May said...

I just love the look of those hanging baskets, but have never mastered the watering. Seems I always have big pools underneath from over watering or they shrivel and die. Hope yours look lovely throughout the season!