Thursday, February 23, 2012

cleaning out the garage

Oh my!
Complete chaos
After the holidays, nothing really seemed to get put away quite properly this year.
When organizing, taking everything out of the space is always my first step!

Empty--basically the ultimate goal for our garage...
Ahh...organized shelves..
It's not quite done, but this was definitely a huge step forward!
My car all loaded up for a run to Goodwill (which was open on Sunday!)
Cleaning out the garage has been on my to-do list basically since we put all of our Christmas decorations away on January 1st. Between pulling down, putting up and taking down all of our decorations for the holidays (beginning with Halloween) our garage became totally chaotic. And it had been driving me crazy...

Thankfully, The William Morris Project, I am committed to accomplishing one project in our home each week, and this week I finally tackled the garage. I am always amazed by how little time these projects which I continually put off actually end up taking. Including my run to Goodwill and back, I think this project took me about 2 hours from start to finish. It's not completely done--I still want to sell a few things on Craigslist, get all matching [clearly labeled] bins that actually fit on the shelves, get some recycling bins, and install some bike racks, but this is definitely a good start.

It felt so good to finally turn in our reyclables and donate that mountain of items to Goodwill. Does anyone else just feel amazingly accomplished when they get rid of stuff?


That's Ms. Amy to You... said...

Looks great! I am a big fan of plastic containers for garage organization, and have a LARGE collection of them. That, coupled with my beloved label maker, is the only thing keeping my garage from descending into chaos.

Your space looks so much more roomy, and it will be even more so when you hang the bikes.

May said...

Isn't this project such great motivation?! Tackling projects like this take an extra push. But you did it!

Alana in Canada said...

I really do love getting rid of stuff!

But I must say, I think that's the tiniest garage I've ever seen. It looks as though you wouldn't have room to open the car doors once you drove into it.

Carrie said...

Oh yes - I LOVE the way I feel when I accomplish a project, especially a project that I've been putting off. ;-) The after looks great and I love seeing the piles of stuff that are being donated! Keep up the good work!

Rachel Angevine said...

Thanks, everyone! It feels so much better! I can't wait until it is all the way done!

Melissa@Home Baked said...

You're so right--it never takes as much time as you thought it would (or as much time as you spend procrastinating!). I have the exact same project to get to...the garage and the last of the holiday stuff. Just waiting for a day with better weather!

Alice Almighty said...

Wow! Nice job! I am cringing at the thought of working on our garage. Right now I am going to enjoy your success and lovely results.

pamelotta said...

It looks bigger now! Good job. I know you feel better now that you got it done. The plastic boxes are a lifesaver!

I think at the end of this, we should make a collage of all the pics of the backs of our cars filled with stuff so we can get an idea of how much we collectively got rid of!

Jules said...

Time and time again I am AMAZED at how little time most of the projects I put off take in the end. I'm so glad it's not just me who has procrastinated over a couple of hours!

Your garage looks fantastic. I can't wait for mine to look as good!

Anonymous said...

Seeing the results of projects like these is so very motivating. I almost wish I had a garage to clean out! ;)
Great job, and love the bikes (looks like you've got a good cruiser to get out on and enjoy lovely long rides). Keep up the excellent work, you'll be done before you know it!

Kerita Kantz said...

I'm not a exactly a big fan of cleaning my garage as well. This post certainly inspired me to check on my garage and clean it regularly. Kudos for your clean and organized garage!