Wednesday, January 25, 2012

guest bathroom design board

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When I was looking through photos for my guest bathroom inspiration post one image in particular really stood out to me:


I love the rustic vibe. I feel like it's kind of Himalayan for some reason. I like that it feels collected instead of just done. It is beautiful, but it also looks like real people live there. Chic yet comfortable. That is exactly how I want my whole house to look and feel.

If we ever get around to replacing the showers in our house, I would love to do the vertical subway tiles with dark grout as seen in this photo.

I love everything about this photo, and the "design board" above is my interpretation of it using some pieces that we already have and some that I would really like to have (like that train rack from Restoration Hardware!).


Rebecca said...

OK, it's not exactly the same but yesterday at Home Depot I saw a bin of woven, multi-colored rugs sort of like that one for $1.98. For that price it's at least worth a look!

Rachel Angevine said...

I checked at our Home Depot on Sunday and couldn't find anything! I'll have to have my mom go look at the one near you guys for me!