Thursday, January 26, 2012

the baking cupboard

the before shot: total chaos
taping off canisters for chalkboard paint
ready to go!
using up that leftover chalkboard paint from last week's project!
everything out of the cupboard
organization supplies
small items grouped together in a bin for easy removal
After joining in on The William Morris Project over at Pancakes and French Fries last week, I sat down and made a master list of each and every project that needs to be done throughout our home. This put me into full-on project mode right before my parents came to visit. So, I recruited them to help with a few small projects before they left town.

My mom and I organized my baking cupboard, which had become completely out of control after two months of holiday baking. I love how organized everything is now--it looks so pretty!

While we were in the kitchen, my dad fixed our office door so that it closes. We had this awful plastic baby gate up to keep Chloe out because the door didn't latch properly. I am so glad that I don't have to look at that ugly gate anymore!

I also added cover plates to the light switches in the laundry and guest rooms. It is amazing what a difference those small things make! The rooms look so much more finished.

Again, why has it taken me so long to get around to doing these things?


Carrie said...

Popping over from WMP - hi there! Love the way those chalkboard labels turned out. I need to file that idea away for later! :-)

Alana in Canada said...

Those little repairs and projects will add up to having a big impact on enjoying your home. Congrats! So nice you had help, too.

Alice Almighty said...

Organizing the cupboards is totally on my list this year! Thanks for all your ideas!

Lais said...

I love your idea of using chalkboard paint to unify the storage in the cabinet...seriously I love it. Did you buy your glass jars or are they recycled from another use? I just liked them and thought I would look for them in the future. My baking area is out of control too. I kinda wanted to get to that for this week's WM project, but I am too intimated with all the details and don't know where to start. Your post gets my brain moving on some ideas. Thanks for sharing! I looked at your post from last week too and I love your cool chalkboard paint on the column, great idea, it is very homey and has a lot of character. Chalkboards remind me of fun bistros with seasonal menus, it feels fun to have it near the kitchen.

Melissa said...

Those corner cupboards are so hard to keep organized! Yours looks beautiful AND useful, now! I need to go work on mine!

Rachel Angevine said...

Thank you, everyone!

@Lais--I bought the glass jars at Target. They are these ones:

You can also find them at the Container Store here:

@Melissa--that pizza thing in your picture looks amazing!

pamelotta said...

I love those cute canisters. What a difference it made! Congratulations on getting it done. Those shaped cabinets are hard to figure out. You did a good job!

Jules said...

I agree with Alana. Inches make champions--that's my new motto.

Your cabinet seriously looks SO good.