Wednesday, November 23, 2011

guest post: holiday makeup

With the holiday season, parties and family get-togethers kicking off *gasp* tomorrow, I asked my friend Rebecca Oates who is a makeup artist to share her favorite makeup look for this season. I think that her look sounds really easy for people with minimal makeup skills (like me!) to pull off, and I feel like it will be perfect for casual and glamorous affairs. So, without further ado, here is Rebecca:
Rebecca's friend Christina was nice enough to model this fun look for fall.
One make up trend I'm really digging this fall is bare skin paired with bright orange-red lips.

When I say bare face, I don't mean literally.  I evened out her skin tone with a light foundation, added a bit of bronzer, and some sheen from a bobbi brown shimmer brick on her cheek bones.  I did very thin black liner above her upper lashes (MAC fluidline ) and a touch of a taupe eye shadow.  And mascara, of course.

Basically, this is just a very clean, no makeup-makeup look.
That is until I got out the hot red and orange lipsticks and then, Bam.  Girlfriends got some punch.  

I mixed about 3 or 4 lip colors to achieve this particular color, but one of  them was MAC Red.  
Even though technically the current trend is a hot red-orange lip, I love this same look with a straight red, a hot pink, or any bold color that you love.  

If you are nervous about the whole lipstick thing and are looking for a gateway lip color without much fuss, try Laura Mercier's Hydra Tint in Crimson or Berry.  It is a lot more transparent and feels just like chap stick, not to mention, it doesn't transfer to your teeth.  Also, a no fuss option is lip stain.  Revlon's Just Bitten is a great choice.  Put on a lip stain with some gloss or chap stick on top and there is no budging or touchups for hours.  

Above all, remember to have fun with it! 
 Rebecca lives in San Antonio, Texas and has a blog called Desert Dwelling where she chronicles life with her husband Evan and their dog Tebow.

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