Wednesday, October 5, 2011

home tour: the living room

View from the front door
From the kitchen
From the couch
Justin's pets
My pet
Here is our living room. This is what you see when you open our front door. It's a relatively small space, but we spend the majority of our time at home in this room. In these photos you can kind of see that the kitchen, dining, and living areas are all one big open space.

I love the layout of this space because it makes our house feel a lot bigger than it is, and it's great for anytime that we have people in our home. I hate to admit, though, that the layout is pretty much the only thing that I love about this room. Well, maybe not the only thing--our TV is pretty nice, and I love how our contractor mounted it on the wall. I also like Justin's fish tank now that it has some residents in it. I'm excited to see what other fish he gets for it once it's ready for the cooler fish (I guess it takes awhile for the water to be ready for the really interesting fish). Okay, okay...I also really like the bamboo blinds that we have up. I just feel like the room looks really unfinished because it's basically a hodge podge of furniture that we had before we were married.

Here's my laundry list for the living room:
  • media console
  • couch
  • coffee table
  • throw pillows
  • area rug
  • lamp
  • get the tv connected to the Internet
  • fish tank cord management
  • lighter throw blanket for spring and summer
  • paint trim
  • shelves above fish tank? hanging planter?
  • paint walls (white?)
  • light fixture/ceiling fan
  • install shoe molding
  • door mat
  • entry mirror

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