Tuesday, October 4, 2011

27 before Twenty-Seven

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I've been in the mood to set my New Year's Resolutions lately, and since it is not close enough to January 1st for that, I decided to set 27 goals to accomplish before I turn 27. Some of them are serious and some of them are silly. I meant to post this 6 months before my birthday, but I totally lost count of the months and now I only have 5 months to get through this list. That is just under 22 weeks which means that I need to complete 1.23 items on the list each week in order to meet my deadline.

  1. Find a new job
  2. Get down to my goal weight
  3. Start working on a graphic design degree
  4. Buy a new mattress
  5. Find a group at our church
  6. Start learning how to golf
  7. Take a photography class
  8. Go to the Griffith Observatory
  9. Find somewhere to volunteer in our community
  10. Have chandelier hung in dining area
  11. Make a headboard for our bed
  12. Have my black riding boots re-soled
  13. Go home to Reno
  14. Buy the movie Little Women
  15. Organize a trash clean-up of the El Cajon Trail
  16. Go to Venice Beach
  17. Do this cleanse for 1 week
  18. Bake an apple pie
  19. Host a party (Super Bowl?)
  20. Get a facial
  21. Use my bundt cake pan
  22. Take a "weekend getaway" with Justin (Santa Barbara?)
  23. Plan a girls' weekend with Katie
  24. Have a professional family photo taken
  25. Take one of those complimentary cooking classes at Williams-Sonoma
  26. Make curtains for the slider door
  27. Learn some new ways to do my hair
You can view my 26 Before Twenty-Six list here. Do you think I'll finish this year?

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