Friday, September 2, 2011

patio inspiration


Sectional, light fixtures, bright colors, topiary
Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

String lights and green plants

Cozy atmosphere

Urn planters by front door

Patio cover

And some images to file away for someday when we have a house with a yard:
I love the outdoor firepit area + lots of string lights
Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Urban outdoor living

Enjoy your weekend!


Kristen said...

You have some good inspiration here! It's so hard to narrow things down for me - we're working on getting the yard of our rental fixed up, and I'm trying to figure out what I WANT there - I know I DON'T want what's there now, but that's about it!

Rachel Premo Angevine said...

Kristen, you should really check out Pinterest for ideas--there are so many images on there and I find that it's easy to find elements of rooms/yards/projects that I really like and want to do in my own spaces.