Sunday, December 5, 2010

christmas ball wreath

My father-in-law was helping an older lady clean out her garage, and she asked him if he wanted to take a huge box of vintage Christmas ornaments (from the 1960's still in the original packaging). He took them and passed them onto me. Now, this is a huge box, and I wanted a new Christmas wreath for our front door, so I decided to make one using some of these ornaments. I did a google search and the first thing that popped up was this project from Eddie Ross which only required a wire hanger, lots of Christmas balls, and a hot glue gun. I had all three of those things in my house, so I went for it.
Form the wire hanger into a circle:
Use the hot glue gun to fasten the tops to the ornaments and string the hanger through the little loop at the top:
Alternate ornaments for desired pattern, and continue to add to it until the wreath is full, hiding the hanger:
Here is my finished product:
I had this pink ribbon in the house, and the wreath has some pink in it, so I went for it.

Did you make a holiday wreath for your door this year?


Rebecca said...

Oh I love the vintage ornaments! So lovely. I made one with some silver ornaments I picked up on clearance at Target last year.

Emily said...

What the heck! I'm totally doing that. I've been dragging my feet on spending $15 for a wreath that'll be dead in a few weeks.

Heather said...

rachel i just love it! i was hoping you would post a crafty christmas something! i'll have to give it a try :)

Aspen_Snow said...

So clever!! Love it!

Terri said...

The wreath turned out beautifully!

Kristen said...

I just made my wreath this weekend too. Yours is adorable!

Rachel Premo Angevine said...

Thank you, everyone! It was a lot of fun to make, and so easy! @Kristen--what kind of wreath did you make?

Sherril said...

Uhm...I collect and save the vintage ornaments AND the boxes. The wreath is Fabulous, but I have mixed feelings.... Why doesn't anyone need their garage cleaned out when I'm around?