Friday, October 1, 2010

26 Before Twenty-Six

It is Fall! The new seasons always make me feel the need to institute some change in my life (apparently getting married, moving, and starting a new job has not been enough change for me). Inspired by this post, I decided to make my own 26 Before Twenty-Six list. My birthday is about 5 months away, so that should give me plenty of time to complete all of these (famous last words).
  1. Find a church that Justin and I both like
  2. Attend our HOA meetings regularly
  3. Start attending local city council meetings
  4. Get back involved with politics
  5. Redesign my resume
  6. Put together a marketing/design portfolio
  7. Go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market
  8. Lose 20 pounds
  9. Read 1 book from the College Bound Reading List each month (join me!)
  10. Get Jody's business listed online
  11. Compile a list of family birthdays
  12. Organize the office
  13. Clean out and organize the garage
  14. Have Chloe completely house-broken
  15. Go to the Aquarium of the Pacific
  16. Go to Santa Monica Pier
  17. Take all of my clothes that I love to the tailor
  18. Make our patio into a nice living space that we can enjoy
  19. Send out Christmas cards
  20. Put mirrors up in bathrooms
  21. Start a home binder
  22. Compile a list of creative projects and start working on them
  23. Compile a list of fun/creative ideas for our date nights
  24. Keep up with the news everyday
  25. Clean out my e-mail inboxes and start a new account with my new name : )
  26. Learn how to give myself a blowout

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