Tuesday, March 30, 2010

candy apple easter eggs

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My baby sister and I "died" Easter eggs over the weekend. We went to Michael's planning to go all Martha Stewart, but we found some fun egg dying kits and decided to try them out. We tried the Candy Apple Eggs kit first and didn't make it to the second box (next year...). We painted the eggs with some sort of laquer that gave the eggs a hard, shiny finish. They look pretty cool and were a lot of fun to make!

Now I just need to make them into ornaments so that I can hang them on an Easter tree...


Anonymous said...

Do you paint these with color first and then go over them with the stuff that makes them shine?

Rachel Angevine said...

Hi there! No--it was a little egg dyeing kit with special dye that dried with the shiny finish. Here is the link to the kit we used: http://www.wackyplanet.com/candyappleeggs.html